This page highlights trail opportunities all around Wayne County / Capitol Reef Country. For hikes in the Capitol Reef National Park itself, see the park website and take a look at the Capitol Reef National Park mapFind community specific trail access on the individual communities pages or see map below. 


Fun Fact: Planets To The Past Trail (Mars & Dinosaurs) – The Disney movie John Carter was filmed in this area. In the movie, John Carter plays a Civil War Captain from earth who is mysteriously transported to the planet Mars, where he ultimately works to protect the planet against the loss of its atmosphere and water. John Carter attempts to bring peace to the many nations of Mars.

Trail NameLocationDifficultyTrail Types
Angel Point TrailHanksvilleEasyATV | Hiking | Jeep
Blarney TrailHanksvilleHardHiking
Blue BenchesHanksvilleModerateATV | Jeep | Biking
Bull Creek PassHanksvilleModerateJeep
Burro Wash EastNotomModerateATV | Jeep 
Burro Wash TrailNotomHardHiking
Cathedral ValleyCainevilleModerateJeep 
Cooks MesaTorreyModerateHiking
Cottonwood Wash TrailNotomModerateHiking
Curtis BenchHanksvilleEasyHiking
Dark Valley TrailBicknellModerateJeep
Donkey ReservoirTeasdaleHardATV | Jeep
Five Mile WashBicknellModerateHiking
Fremont River TrailBicknellEasyHiking
Geyser PeakLoaEasyATV
Great Western TrailBicknellModerateATV | Horseback | Biking 
Hemlock MeadowsBicknellEasyHiking
Horseshoe CanyonHanksvilleEasyATV | Hiking | Jeep
Leprechaun TrailHanksvilleModerateHiking
Little Wild Horse TrailHanksvilleEasyHiking
Lower Bowns / Oak Creek TrailTorreyModerateATV | Jeep | Biking
Moonscapes and GoblinsHanksvilleModerateATV | Jeep
Mt. EllenBicknellHardHiking
North Caineville MesaCainevilleHardHiking
North SlopeTeasdaleEasyATV | Jeep
Planets to the PastHanksvilleEasyATV | Jeep
Pleasant Creek TrailNotomEasyHiking
Poison SpringHanksvilleExtremeATV | Jeep
Robber’s Roost TrailHanksvilleEasyATV | Jeep
Sam’s Mesa TrailHanksvilleModerateATV | Jeep
Sheets Gultch TrailNotomModerateHiking
Shillelagh TrailHanksvilleModerateHiking
South Caineville MesaCainevilleHardHiking
Sunglow TrailBicknellModerateHiking
Swing Arm CityCainevilleEasyATV | Jeep
Tantalus FlatsGroverModerateMtn Bike
Thousand Views TrailBicknellModerateATV 
Tidwell SlopesLoaModerateATV | Jeep
Velvet Ridge / Hell’s HoleTorreyModerateATV | Jeep | Biking


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