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Trout Fishing 

The many lakes on Boulder Mountain offer superb fishing for Brook and Rainbow trout.  Many of the lakes including Posey Lake and Cyclone Lake are stocked annually. These lakes are at high altitude therefore the season is short, with the best fishing being in the fall.



If you like fly fishing moving water, the Fremont River provides all types of opportunities and challenges. The upper and lower sections are famous for their large, catchable browns and hearty rainbows. Below the town of Torrey the river turns muddy and becomes unfishable.



Elk and deer hunting in southern Utah is becoming more and more sought after by serious trophy trackers. You may find world-class animals of either species with much less competition for space during the hunt. Located South and West of Hankskville, the Henry Mountains are home to some of the finest Mule Deer Bucks that have been taken in the Western United States. Each year, thousands of hunters put in for tags but only a few are successful in obtaining one.  Boulder Mountain and Thousand Lake Mountain are home to many healthy herds of elk. Fuel, dining and lodging can be found in any of the larger towns including Loa, Torrey, and Hanksville. Outfitters also operate out of these towns.

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