Rim Overlook Trail

The Rim Overlook Trail is one of the longest maintained hiking trails in Capitol Reef National Park. Capitol Reef National Park is a favorite among

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Hiking the Sulphur Creek Trail

  A Can’t-Miss Beautiful Trail in The Center of Utah’s Mighty Five! While you’re out roaming through Capitol Reef National Park, the Sulphur Creek hike

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Capitol Reef

Capitol Gorge

With only two paved roads, UT-24 and the Scenic Drive, a large percentage of the park is accessible only by dirt roads and primitive trails.

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Hickman Natural Bridge

A Hiker’s Park Capitol Reef National Park is a treasure trove of many scenic trails from classic routes through washes to rim view overlooks. It’s

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Solitude in Capitol Reef Country

If there’s one thing you’re likely to stumble across in Capitol Reef Country, its peace and quiet. The scenically diverse landscape includes mountains, forests, and

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