Irish Slot Canyons

There’s a little bit of the BLARNEY in all of us, and so it’s time to the turn the tables and get  yourself into Utah’s BLARNEY Slot Canyon.  While you’re at it try Leprechaun and Shillelagh.  These three slot canyons are found side-by-side south of Hanksville, Utah, near the fork in the road for State Road 95 and State Road 276.

To get there, go south from Hanksville, for approximately 33 miles, on State Road 95. Follow SR 95 left (southeast) at the fork and look on your left. The entrance to all three canyons is on the north side of the road.

An inexperienced hiker can walk up any of these canyons for quite a distance, but you’ll want to have some experience and the proper gear if you are going to hike to the back of these canyons and then rappel and/or scramble down.

Early morning and late evenings may not offer much reflected light inside the deeper recesses of a slot canyon, and will therefore be more difficult to photograph during these times.  Unlike most photo opportunities, slot canyons might be best photographed when their is enough sunlight shining overhead. Each of these Utah slot canyons is unique and offers some very enjoyable experiences and opportunities for excellent photographs.

As always, never enter a slot canyon during rain weather.  These canyons can get hot during the summer months, and may have plenty of water pockets with recent rains or snow.   In winter months you’ll want to be prepared for cold conditions.  Always explore with at least one other person and take plenty of water and other needed sustenance to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

For more information, check out these pages which provide excellent details, maps and photos for each canyon.

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